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GB-0325427-D0: Structured surfactant systems patent, GB-0328959-D0: Crystalline and aerodynamic particles for patients with low inspiratory flow rates patent, GB-0329764-D0: All-in poker patent, US-2009223839-A1: Sorbent canister with beveled edges patent, GB-0400376-D0: A body with a region of a phase change material patent, GB-0400595-D0: Improved wound dressing patent, GB-0400808-D0: A turbocharged internal combustion engine patent, GB-0401135-D0: Control unit for construction machine patent, GB-0401151-D0: Toy drive system patent, GB-0401188-D0: Pump casing patent, GB-0401510-D0: Novel optical configurations in high contrast chiral nematic liquid crystal displays patent, GB-0401635-D0: Electrical plug adaptor patent, GB-0401761-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-0403482-D0: A cement mixer drum closure patent, GB-0403600-D0: Methods and reagents for treating disease patent, GB-0404732-D0: Russell block patent, GB-0405483-D0: Sculpture apparatus and method patent, GB-0405713-D0: Animal protection boot patent, GB-0405870-D0: Cheque deposit at a self-service terminal patent, GB-0406328-D0: A digital pen and a method of storing digital records of the use made of the digital pen patent, GB-0407998-D0: Hydrostatic steering systems patent, GB-0408413-D0: An apparatus suitable for aiding survival during outdoor activities patent, GB-0409099-D0: Device for measuring force patent, GB-0409534-D0: Wall decoration patent, GB-0409677-D0: Mass spectrometer patent, GB-0410430-D0: Polarising mirror interferometers patent, GB-0410581-D0: The trim clip patent, GB-0411056-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-0411163-D0: The copy protection of optical discs patent, GB-0412303-D0: Valve for an aerosol container patent, GB-0412743-D0: Device for dispensing adhesive elements patent, GB-0413116-D0: A kettle for being heated by gas patent, GB-0413478-D0: Microbial detection system patent, GB-0413924-D0: House evaluator for energy conservation terminal with wireless slave activator patent, GB-0414633-D0: Portable off board battery power supply patent, GB-0414675-D0: Arrangement for triggering a vehicle safety device patent, GB-0414900-D0: Digital loudspeaker system patent, GB-0414951-D0: Method for measuring the time of arrival of a radio signal, receiver and system to carry out the method patent, GB-0415200-D0: Dispensing brazing flux patent, GB-0415670-D0: "Improvements in or relating to a safety arrangement" patent, GB-0415677-D0: Mould and method for moulding composite articles patent, GB-0416070-D0: Process for making hydrogen storage material patent, GB-0418078-D0: An electrochemical carbon dioxide gas sensor patent, GB-0418388-D0: Cell therapy patent, GB-0418477-D0: Brake discs with improved torque characteristics patent, GB-0420252-D0: Solar powered mobile telephone battery charger patent, GB-0420892-D0: Sterilisation sensor patent, GB-0420970-D0: Novel triazoloquinoline compounds patent, GB-0422251-D0: A mobile SMS based dating service game patent, GB-0422291-D0: Switch device for gas burner patent, GB-0423074-D0: The skin tick destroyer patent, GB-0423174-D0: Universal identification system for access points of wireless access networks patent, GB-0424458-D0: Metal nano-void photonic crystal for enhanced raman spectroscopy patent, GB-0425706-D0: Open ended ratchet spanner patent, GB-0426236-D0: Insulation retaining device patent, GB-0427022-D0: Process patent, GB-0427867-D0: Printing device with manual paper feeding function patent, GB-0500125-D0: Scales for weighing people patent, GB-0500299-D0: System for communication with a player through a mountable interactive interface patent, GB-0500500-D0: Docking station for a wireless mouse with control of a computer patent, GB-0500559-D0: Kit for assembly of security enclosure with automated door patent, GB-0501118-D0: Banking method patent, GB-0501194-D0: Adjustable cot patent, GB-0501792-D0: Surgery fixation forceps patent, GB-0501915-D0: Impact absorbing insole patent, GB-0502115-D0: Storage box patent, GB-0503200-D0: Turbilites patent, GB-0503765-D0: Cartridge brush set patent, GB-0504035-D0: A method of creating the novel construction of garment collars, cuffs, seams, waistbands, belt loops and buttonholes patent, GB-0504140-D0: Door key holder remkey patent, GB-0504835-D0: Pin press patent, GB-0505405-D0: A tourniquet patent, GB-0505858-D0: Building structure comprising beams patent, GB-0506023-D0: Power closure latch assembly patent, GB-0506076-D0: Method of suppressing contamination of a noble gas patent, GB-0507051-D0: Collapsible christmas tree patent, GB-0507596-D0: Mat retainment system patent, GB-0507722-D0: Heat pumps and related systems patent, GB-0507827-D0: Fuel cell system with hydrogen processing means patent, GB-0508138-D0: Mobile power supply unit patent, GB-0509281-D0: Lotto-odds-compressor patent, GB-0509786-D0: Application of programmable motion control in a low pressure hydraulic system patent, GB-0510919-D0: Programmable vehicle locator patent, GB-0511653-D0: A vaccine of animal products to prevent bacterial infection patent, GB-0512257-D0: An engine efficiency regulator patent, GB-0512359-D0: Rebreather with gradual CO2 breakthrough patent, GB-0512589-D0: Improvements in and relating to actuators patent, GB-0513477-D0: Toy with activation means patent, GB-0513507-D0: Printed structures patent, GB-0513550-D0: Head harness for night vision device patent, GB-0513763-D0: Method and apparatus for quality guaranteed video services patent, GB-0514070-D0: Security system for a boundary patent, GB-0514895-D0: Improved digital tachograph system patent, GB-0516144-D0: One-way valve patent, GB-0516346-D0: Improvements on a head rest seat belt anchor cover patent, GB-0516700-D0: An electromechanical generator for converting mechanical vibrational energy into electrical energy patent, GB-0517099-D0: Free style (wing chun)wooden dummy patent, GB-0517388-D0: Travel Cot patent, GB-0517726-D0: Lawnmower patent, GB-0517763-D0: Scanned pixel array image display patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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